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Taktaszada, Petőfi út 24.
Tel.: 47/392-042

Two large cemeteries used to lie where the village of Taktaszada is situated today. Today's village was built on a site where two villages had been destroyed.

First the village was destroyed by Turkish robber troops, afterwards it suffered destruction at the time of the Rákóczi War of Independence. Life started again here in 1717, when devoted Calvinist people rebuilt the third village and founded the Reformed church along with it.

The community started to build the stone church, still standing today, in 1794. The work of construction took nine years. The church bears the characteristics of a style (with braided patterns) that was typical of the 18th century. The same style characterises the 32-metre-high steeple as well. The painting of the interior is also unique, not typical of other Reformed churches of the time.

There was a primary school built next to the church. It serves today as meeting hall for the congregation. What used to be the teacher's apartment is being turned into a guesthouse. The parsonage still serves as the dwelling place for the local minister.

The Takta riverside is the main attraction for nature-lovers and anglers throughout the whole year. We invite everyone who wants to relax and is fond of the quiet country life.

The recently opened Country-Museum of Taktaszada exhibits furnishings and personal belongings used in the past. Although the village cannot offer significant sights, our hope is that its surroundings will be an attraction to many.

The village can easily be reached by train or by bus. Accommodation and meals are available for a reasonable price.


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